The Power of Words

In my professional life even as a student nurse I have seen the power of words. The power of good or bad profession and confessions.

There was once a patient who got admitted on my ward. She was supposed to be admitted months ago for a particular surgery but she refused saying if she goes through the surgery she will die. By the time she was back on admission that is when I met her she was being sent to theater as an emergency case and no more a planned surgery, the situation had worsened. The surgery was took long hours, doctors and nurses running all round for necessary items to save her precious life. They lol knew the story and were doing everything in their power to prove her wrong . Surgery was successful and she was brought to the ward and her recovery was rapid. She was already awake, her vital signs were fine ( temperature, pulse, respiration, look pressure) urine output was fine. She started eating everything was going on as planned by the surgical team but every time she looked anxious, worried, afraid. Then one day her fear came to pass sooner than we thought. It seems she had had a mental and physical conversation about death and unfortunately for her he was walking about looking for a friend when he heard his name. It was a long battle for days as he convinced her to come with him. For fear most evidently she complied then followed him and gently gave up the ghost. When the relatives came in and saw her lifeless body being sent to the morgue they exclaimed, “she said it, she said it, she said she would die if she goes through the surgery and now you see” . If u were Mr death am sure your naughty looking grin on your face would be obvious to show you won again.
To counter this
I have also seen again in my professional life a child who came with a bad condition. He was about 7 or 8 years old and came in unconscious. In his unconscious state laboratory investigations were being conducted and other medical and nursing interventions ongoing. The health staff were loosing hope but a mother was not ready to let her by child go. She spoke to him as if he was there. Encouraged him to wake up and reminded him of how his friends and little sister miss him so much. She kept telling him how he looked on gentle and handsome Lying there meanwhile he is so naughty. She couldn’t wait to see him up and making all the trouble again. Soon after days and weeks he came out of consciousness, he started to take sips of water, gradually to feeds and in no time he was up on his feet. Back to his naughty self and awaiting discharge

These are two beautiful stories of how powerful words can be. One choose to be negative the other choose to build strength and be positive about the son’s situation. The behind the scenes of the mother I didn’t add was the tears she shed when she was alone and the tears she wiped from her face whiles encouraging her own self first without noticing and her son. The results are clear

What do u tell ur self in hard times? What do you profess when life is on the low? Is your faith channeled just on the negative and are u still where u are because you have told yourself so for so long that you can’t go past that hurdle??

You can live or die by ur words. Just like the mother in the above story, I choose life. What of u???