The winds came
The leaves shook in rhythm
The birds hid for safety
It scattered everything in its path
Tossing is from one point to another
It was fierce
Men run indoors
Brave women shut the windows and doors whiles children went under mats for safety
The roof of the building was not left without
Abused and butchered by anything that flew with the wind and landed on it
In the anger of the fierce winds I stood
Unmoved by the peril round about me
In fact I was waiting to face the rain to slap me mercilessly
To hide my swollen eyes from unlookers
The waterfalls from beneath those eyes had had their rainy season
The aftermath was quiet obvious
I waited, waited, waited and watched it pass right before my eyes as the clouds struggled in confusion to allow the sun out
It seemed like a debate was happening above us whiles their Beauty like a large designed print flattered the earth
Families came out again
The storm had passed but it was time to get in
Alone in my thoughts
Not to be seen by anyone