Smoothy’s: Review

I know it’s been a while up here but we are still on our adventure tour to anywhere and everywhere coming incognito and Giving our one time experience a review.
My next touch down was smoothy’s osu. The evening lighting of the place giving it a cool and relaxing ambience, the well arranged tables and chairs and a Television area all in one was just welcoming. Smoothy’s just like the name is where u get your healthy blend of fruity smoothies and their menu tells into details what exactly u r getting in your order. The tables were clean and floors neat as well. The waitress and waiters at the order side were smiley and smart at their work nothing on the extra side though. The taste of the smoothie was healthylicious. Felt homemade, right on point and exactly how I wanted it. There is this euphoria you get when you taste a good healthy snack. Usually the general perception is that healthy shakes or smoothies are just forced down the throat so u don’t even think of how they taste but this place on the contrary was tastemagical. Don’t ask me how food gets me putting two words into one. Some feelings don’t need too much of a dictionary work you just get the sentiment. So on my scoring sheet now

Smoothy’s @ Osu

Sanitation : 7 out of 10
Environment : 8 out of 10
Customer care : 5 out of 10
Smoothie taste : 8 out of 10
Bias : 6 out of 10

The break down analysis
Now the waiter kept cleaning the tables and putting the chairs in places once customers had left the table. The floors neat as well so sanitation was generally on point. I didn’t get to see their washroom though so cant comment on that
The environment has already been emphasized enough and to simply add a word or two….. Homely
Customer care was not my headache and it wasn’t their strength either. I think they were just doing their job nothing more nothing less. It also seems the customers knew what they already want so why stand there and be all chatty, am at work dude are you done? That was the kind of feel though. They weren’t rude and they weren’t nice either they just smiled and did what they had to do
My bias was just on the taste of a healthy and delicious tasting smoothie and the ambience felt. I can’t over emphasize that they were their two major strength.

Total : 34 out of 50

In my next post I give u tips on how to have a lovely festive season with just enough money on you and still having a wonderful time. Don’t forget to make your self happy because no one can be the original u but u