Pizza Inn, Airport Shell

Pizza inn was my next destination in my tour to food joints in Ghana. There are a lot of pizza Inn in Accra from the Accra mall branch, airport shell branch then achimota retail Centre branch. I have been to two out of the three branches I know and this review is solely based on my one time experience there. Like I said I come incognito and on the blind side.
I will try to keep this review short as possible

Clara @ Pizza Inn

Airport branch
The floors were clean, tables neat and the environment was hygienic and relaxing. The smell of pizza won’t just let u be even if u were just getting water from the other side of the shop or filling ur petrol tank right outside. Tempting and aromapeutic. The washroom bowl was clean and floors were dry tissue paper was also available. I also loved the fact that they had a sink right by the pizza place to wash your hands with running water and soap. Hygiene consciousness was on point. The servers were nice smiley and polite. So since I ordered meat deluxe I was specifically asked if I take in Pork because part of the ingredients was bacon, was highly impressed. The pizza I ate yummy cheesy meaty licious ( don’t ask me if those words are together or separated the euphoria is on point) so all in all let’s get to the total score

Sanitation : 8 out of 10
Environment : 7 out of 10
Customer care : 8 out of 10
Food taste : 7 out of 10
Bias : 7 out of 10

Total score : 37 out of 50

The breakdown like I said earlier the environment was welcoming for an indoor place. Had a quick pick look and feel. I won’t over emphasis the Sanitation and food taste. My bias would stem from their customer care, they were really nice and it’s recommendable

But on the contrary I didnt share the same euphoria as I got to the achimota retail Centre branch. It was that crazy my date and I ended up having a word with the manager and if am to rate that experience Sanitation and environment would be the only items I could comment about so

Sanitation : 5 out of 10
Environment : 7 out of 10

The servers made sure the place was clean by constantly sweeping around and cleaning tables which wasn’t bad. I didn’t find a sink for washing of one’s hands so it made sense that pizza and burger was served along side a hand sanitizer.
Because it is a new place environment was on point just like the other branch. Chairs nicely arranged and spacious enough for a place at a mall

Generally it was a 1: 1 situation a win at one point and a total loss at the other