Like the Thief of Bagdad, Keep Dreaming!

I watched the theif of bagdad yesterday, a 1940 movie that had lots and lots of lessons in there. My favorite character was Abu he was such a great survivor and it came naturally to him. He gave us a chronology of his family where his great grand father was Abu the thief, grand father was Abu the theif father Abu the theif and he himself also Abu the theif. It seems the family kept this skill among themselves. To steal and survive was their number one priority and they cherished it. He was a dreamer and at every chance of realising his dream he took it. A dream as going to sail the sea knowing very well he had no money nor food but he was good at surviving.

Some of u here today are better skilled than Abu the theif. You even have an educational background unlike him and maybe a better chronology than him but you have drawn down the curtains on your dreams. It seems so hard to get there, let us just survive sitting around and waiting for a miracle to happen but Abu the theif didn’t sit down. He kept stealing haha. He stole till he got imprisoned and stole the prison waden’s keys to get out at a particular time he knew they would all be asleep however after super time. And he did sail on the sea like he dreamt of. What are your dreams? What limits you from you dreams? Is it the comfort of where u are now or the struggles you are facing? Is it the fear of being tagged a certain way or not having anyone to push u? You may have to pick ur self together and make that dream a reality. Be passionate about it. Take the risk to see it come to play. Growing up in primary school there was a big banner in my school’s library. It was a picture of the galaxy and a space craft and it had a writing across it ” shoot for the moon and if you miss it you shall fall among the stars”

What are you waiting for?