La Tawala Beach : Review

One thing I love about life is the romance nature gives me everyday. The sun kissing my face, the breeze seductively touching my skin and relaxation I get from just being with my unconditional love r-nature. So when I decided to actually have a date with nature one area came to mind – the beach. Tawala beach has been given a lot of bad names over the years not necessarily documented but amongst the youth. My date was on a week day and there was so much quiet and few people to interfere in my romance. The waiter we met at the first bar was welcoming and homely for a man. I ate the fried yam and chopped chicken pieces which was on point. Tasty, spicy and well seasoned. The price was affordable. The sea breeze wouldn’t stop kissing my face as I hid from its jealous rival the sun. The wooden sheds with wooden chairs gives you the natural feel with the straw summer hut over our heads. My only problem was the sanitation. I will reserve my comments. Rating my experience there.


Clara @ Tawala


Environment : 8 out of 10
Sanitation : 3 out of 10
Food taste and hygiene : 6 out of 10
Customer service : 9 out of 10
Bias judgement : 7 out of 10

Reason for my rating. Well my environment is biased cos of nature, u can’t really rate nature but how you keep it is how it comes out to meet u
Sanitation was crazy and the indiscriminate smoking made it quiet uncomfortable for me. The washroom floors were dry and cleaning the toilet bowl too was clean but the smell of urine won’t just let me have a peaceful urination, yes I know I came to pee don’t remind me with this smell
Food taste was on point I just didn’t like the fact that the chicken and turkey were colored red, I really didn’t get that part lol but the fried yam was crispy cool and the green pepper sauce was spicy and sweet all in one yummy
Customer care was “supertastic. The guy at the bar had a homely service that could make u stay up there drinking forever. The ladies who served the yam came as far to asking if u enjoyed your meal. They smiled at customers and were at our Beck and call.


Seating @ Tawala

My bias judgement is based on the fact that Tawala is a good place that can be managed well. Their human resource seems to e their strongest link and having that u can do anything and everything

Tawala @ sundown

Total rating : 33 out of 50
All in all it was wonderful