Journey to Wellness: One

In Ghana what I observed was that people hardly went for check ups. They got very sick either chronic terminal or end stage before they knew what was wrong with them. Also sudden death and illnesses were associated with witchcraft, bad luck, curses and other spiritual factors. Don’t get me wrong I believe in spiritual things but let’s move more to physical fundamentals. As a student nurse I had a chance to work at different departments of different hospitals. One department I enjoyed working at was the OPD – out patient department. There the doctor asks the clients questions in order to gather information to help him or her. Now all the time this question pops up ” do you know of any medical condition in your family?”
The answer to that question…? I hope your guess is as good as mine. Actually have you as an individual asked this question to any of your family members? What was their response? How did they take it? Just in case your guess was not as good as mine let me tell you a few answers the doctors get. ” Oh we don’t have any problem in our family!” “we are all healthy in our family” “I don’t know!” “if there is something am not aware but I don’t think so” Many of such answers and more is what they get. Except patient has diabetes and/or hypertension that they can confidently tell you my grandmother had it or my mum has it or it tolls to the partenal other conditions are unknown. Did you get an answer after you asked your relatives? No were you even in able to ask? Well if medical conditions that gear into fatality does not seem to get much attention I wonder who really cares about surgical conditions. Let’s define a few terms to make understanding easier. Now a medical condition in the simplest of terms is any disease that needs medicine to cure or manage. For instance if you have malaria you need to take an anti malaria drug to get well. Same as having hypertension – you would need an anti hypertensive drug to manage your condition. Notice the use of cure for one and manage for the other. Some conditions can be cured fully others are managed because you can only suppress their symptoms but not cure them. Medicine is still growing and I don’t plan to have any argument with a herbalist.
Surgical conditions : these are conditions that need surgery to resolve or stop the ailing process. Examples the hernias, typhoid perforations, some cancers when detected early such as breast cancer kidney masses in children etc gynecological problems such as teratomas, huge ovarian cyst and my topic of interest fibriods. Before we get to my major reason for putting all this together I would like you to ask yourself a few questions. When was the last time you went for a check up? Are you mindful of the changes that occurs in your body as a human being? Do you drink alcohol? do you smoke? do you eat well? Do you take time to relax, release stress, go through a detoxification, exercise, drink a lot of water etc? What about being sure the tooth paste you are using is safe enough for your teeth? It is the little little foxes that spoil the vine. Think about it.

To be continued