Go Through the Pain

This picture reminds me of a story my mother used to share with us before she ” cooked” our sores like this one with hot water.

There was a woman who lived with her daughter and her step child. She mistreated and maltreated her step child so much that the child was always sad whiles the flaws of her own child was always over looked and pardoned
One day the step child got hurt on her leg and the wicked woman boiled water pressed the leg so hard the child thought she was going to die. She was scolded every time she screamed and was told how she deserved even more pain for getting her self hurt in the first place and wasting the time of the woman on her nasty looking leg. After the “leg cooking” she would apply the burning iodine solution of those times on the wound and cover it up so there is no breathing of the sore to exhale from the burning.
One day this woman’s daughter also hurt herself very bad and the pain was unbearable. She couldn’t stand to see her only child in pain thus she was too emotional to even apply anything on it. She waited after her child had gone to bed she fetched some leukwarm water to clean the wound and once the child woke in pain she halted and cuddled her to bed. Soon the wound became septic draining with pus and with a bad smell. She had to take her daughter to the hospital. Unfortunately for her it had gotten so bad that the bone was affected. She had forgotten it had been over a month since the injury and the child had the affected limb amputated.

What about the step child’s leg?
It healed completed leaving just a scar for rememberance

At times in life the pain and trouble we go through looks like it’s going to kill it, it hurts so bad we wish we would just give up, run from the problem and forget it ever existed but it rather hardens us, cures us from greater things, heals itself gradually and makes us strong for anything ahead of us.
If the enemy thought he was hurting us by his vices and arrows what he doesn’t know is, it is actually making us better.

So like the woman’s child who lost a limb and became handicap not dealing with our issues only makes us amputated in an area and finally handicap

#itcanonlygetbetter #raiseAbovetheSituation #youcanMakeitAndmakeitBig #GodiswithYou