On a fine morning after the rain the sun struggled to Come out as if it was also catching it’s share of the coolness after the rain

A man walking on the cool breeze blowing Street, feeling the struggling warmth of the sun on his face asked a passerby if he could see how beautiful the skies were. Without an answer the passerby took offense and walked on. The man was blind, but what he didn’t know was that the passerby too was blind.
A lot of times we go through life on assumptions and yet take drastic actions based on these assumptions. We take offense at the least things not knowing what the other may be going through. Sometimes people don’t intentionally fail you, they may also like this blind man be blind to see the beauty of the sky.

Forgive easily, let go easily and take life as it comes. Don’t expect much from others and don’t be so disappointed when they don’t see what you want them to see. They may also be blind.

#JustPrayAndLive #noManIsPerfect

Inspired by Uncle Ziarly